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Karera has evolved into a leading provider and integrator of Radio Communications and Infrastructure products designed to meet specific organisations needs through understanding customer requirements and providing flexibility. Karera has grown this expertise to develop specific solutions to customer requirements. This has resulted in the company designing then integrating equipment for a long list of clients over a span of 30 years. Our business is built on reliability, innovation and expertise. Our products, processes, and people complement each other to achieve stable and cost effective solutions for both the operation and management of radio networks. Every product solution undergoes regular improvement reviews to further enhance system capabilities. Our team is dedicated to understanding and using the latest technological advancements and to the changing needs of our clients.


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ARCIA Accredited

NSW Government ITS 2573

Austalian Government Endoresed Supplier
Defence Recognised Supplier



Karera are the one-stop-shop for all your communication needs. We stock and supply everything from earpieces to complete radio communications networks. We can help you design a system tailored specifically to your application and budget. We are a registered government contract supplier under ITS2573


We take pride in our work at Karera, and with many years of technical expertise, you can rely on our staff to keep your equipment operating. We repair, service and program all makes of commercial radio communications equipment.


From antenna installation, to complete site construction and tower erection; Karera have the knowledge, experience and staff to implement your infrastructure development, repairs and maintenance.


Communication problems? Let our engineering staff design fully compliant solutions. Complete network review and system consultancy services are available.

iconRadio Licencing

Let us help you obtain radio licences, quickly and simply.


Our highly trained staff can install, calibrate and test your equipment efficiently and to all compliance specifications.

iconSite Audit

Radio site surveys, RF path modelling, specialist fault-finding and interference resolution. We can also provide complete site management services.


Economical communications solutions can be hired from Karera; from individual hand held units, to full repeater-based systems. Please call us for a quote.

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“Karera Communications have been the primary installation company for the NSW State Emergency Services (SES) radio communications network since 1991. Their attention to detail has always been excellent … and their advice has always proven to be in the best interests of the SES. At all times, staff have approached their tasks with professionalism and have achieved all deadlines.”      

– NSW State Emergency Services

“Karera completed the task within a tight schedule despite minimum planning time being available. I wish to convey our sincerest thanks for your efforts in delivering a high quality and reliable system which contributed significantly to the success of a major Defence exercise. Australian Defence Force staff have lauded the performance and capability provided by the system.”                                             

– Department of Defence

“The radio system supplied by the Karera team gave 100% coverage, 24 hours a day for 77 continuous days, without failure.”                 

– Rail Infrastructure Corporation

“Karera Communications has supplied radio systems and provided extensive technical support to the Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol for the last 5 years. … They have greatly assisted us. … I am entirely satisfied with Karera’s performance as a supplier and provider of technical support.”                

- Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol Australia

“… The works site was situated 200m below the surface and was accessed via a 2km decline tunnel from the surface. Karera provided entire coverage for the works site … [and] maintained this system flawlessly around the clock … Karera would constantly go beyond their scope of works, always assisting during project challenges without hesitation … It is without question that the project has benefited from Karera’s proactive attitude and professionalism … Karera proved their reliability regardless of the difficulty of the task at hand. I have no hesitation to reengage them for future activities.”                                                                                                                      

- PARR Alliance

“… thanks for the outstanding effort delivered by your staff and Company … the conscientious and highly motivated team you assembled displayed outstanding expertise and dedication and delivered an excellent outcome.”                                                                                         

 - PS Management Consultants, Air Safety Network

“… They took the time to understand the total requirements, contingency options and alternative solutions. This provided me with a high degree of confidence … Karera have remained responsive to our requirements and have provided immediate follow-up to any enquiries made of them. The service level and quality standards have been maintained at the highest level. I have no hesitation recommending Karera Communications.”                                                                                                     

- NSW Police Force

“Karera have always endeavoured to continually improve on the performance of their communication system to adapt to varying site conditions. Karera confirmed an ability to work as part of a team under strenuous conditions in extreme environments. Overall, Karera has shown a high level of enthusiasm and professionalism in the task at hand.”                                                                                                

- Silver Raven

“Karera’s staff were professional, highly skilled and easy to work with. … They were flexible and able to manage competing demands well, to supply us with exactly what we required, exactly when we required it. I have no hesitation recommending Karera for future works…”                                                                                       

- Sydney Water

“… thanks for the great job done by Karera in installing, commissioning and training of our team… Of particular note was the professional attitude of your employees …”

- Wyong Regional Distribution Centre, Woolworths

“You run a very professional team, and at no stage did I hear ‘no, we can’t do that’. It is clear to me that you are a ‘can do’ organisation, and for that mental attitude as well as the great customer service, we look to build a long lasting association with your company.”                                                                     

- RIMAC Rail Infrastructure.

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