Corporate Information


Innovation, not imitation, is our motto. Any company can build a network, however making it perform at 100% is what we strive to achieve.

Karera explores standard technologies to create products suited to our clients needs and where possible and appropriate, supports the Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) principle of utilising commercially available equipment. COTS solutions provide our clients with systems that are readily supported.

Karera has developed specialised systems for many customers and has worked hard to achieve these great systems.

Our internal operations and systems are purposefully designed to enable us to deliver customised solutions for customers and this philosophy infiltrates throughout the organisation, from our people and processes to products and services.

Karera is working hard to achieve a fully Integrated Management System to ensure that all business and technical risks have been identified and mitigated and that the quality achieved fully meets all of the project specifications.

Our mission is to identify and understand the needs of our customers and, through the application of emerging technologies, produce a working solution that can be delivered on time and on budget, meeting all of the required expectations of functionality, reliability and compliance.

Our willingness and ability to support our customers is our primary focus.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Karera encourages all employees to participate in supporting their local volunteer groups within their communities.

Karera is a family orientated company. We understand the impact our employees have in customer service and the provision of customer satisfaction. Therefore we ensure that not only is their working environment gratifying but that all our staff feel supported in all activities that they undertake.

Karera believes in a comprehensive approach where we become involved in relevant aspects of our customer’s business and gain an understanding of their operations and challenges.

Karera wants to support its customers in meeting their needs and most importantly achieving their goals. Our approach is underlined by:

  • We add value to our client’s businesses and their relationships with stakeholders.
  • We understand the importance of contributing to the long term success of our clients.

Environment Policy

  • Karera is an environmentally responsible company that supports waste minimization, parts recovery and the restriction of hazardous materials.
  • Karera disposes of all unwanted product in an appropriate manner and in accordance with the requirements of its Environmental Management system.

Karera Organizational Chart

Karera Organisational Structure