Karera Tracking – Concrete Tracking and Automation Solution


At Karera, providing innovative solutions to meet our customer’s needs is one of our highest priorities.

As a recent example, Karera were approached by a local concrete company that had a problem with the delivery of fresh concrete to its customers. Customers would sometimes complain that the concrete would set too fast after delivery. The problem wasn’t to do with the concrete or the delivery times, the problem had to do with the waiting times once the truck had arrived at site.

To overcome this issue and to assist plant staff in accessing real time and historical data on the delivery of their time sensitive product, Karera tracking was the perfect solution.

With the use of the DCT Syrus II tracking device, Karera engineered adjustable sensor mounting bracket and direction magnet sensor fitted to the concrete mixer, staff could now tell at a glance if their trucks were mixing and on their way to site or discharging their load at site.

Easy to access historical data from any PC  thru true web based tracking portal, allows management to look at the time taken from the moment the truck leaves the plant,  to the time it arrives at site, to the time the barrel begins discharging its load.

Management can gain access to the tracking portal from any PC, tablet or phone, providing flexibility around the office, on the road  or at home.

With the use of Karera Tracking, Easy mix concrete now benefit from:

IMG_1581Improved efficiency

Staff can now estimate when vehicles will arrive back at the plant and can schedule the next delivery prior to their return.

Improved Customer service

Staff can now resolve customer issues in regards to concrete quality as a result of prolonged waiting times at site or extended delivery times as a result of traffic congestion.

Provide customers with accurate estimates on the arrival of concrete deliveries.

Improved Fleet management

Management are now notified via email of upcoming servicing and maintenance requirements for vehicles.

Driver safety

Management can now see the hours a driver is on the road, driver behavior including hash braking, over speed, heavy cornering, and replay the events leading up to road incidents.