CSD 300

The CSD 300 features:

  • Complete information from all AIS vessels
  • Plot targets on detailed chart background
  • Tabular listings of vessels with variable sort
  • Track up to 5 vessels independently
  • Variable CPA and TCPA alarms
  • Display targets by selectable colour and icon
  • Filter targets by type of transmission
  • Zoom, pan, brightness, contrast

Displays the following:

  • Class A vessels
  • Class B vessels
  • Base Stations
  • Aids to Navigation


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Product Description

The CSD-300 is a dedicated device designed for simple to use management, control and display of all AIS targets within VHF range. AIS data can be received from all AIS receivers, Class B or Class A transponders, and can be displayed either on a “radar” display, or overlaid on a worldwide background chart. For more detailed cartography, the CSD-300 has the facility to take a Jeppesen C-MAP card.

The vivid graphics and the simple menu structure on the 6.5 inch, high resolution display make the unit easy to use. The data is easy to access and the information easy to analyse enabling the user to quickly move from screen to screen and gain access to the information specifically required.

  • Tracks the movement of up to 5 vessels with track history and optional live details on individual vessels.
  • Monitors position, speed and heading of vessels on a background chart or  on detailed cartography (optional).
  • Allows variable parameters to be set for CPA and TCPA alarms.
  • Listing of all vessels with name, MMSI, range and bearing, with full details on each vessel, and instant GOTO function.
  • Ability to display different types of vessel by colour, and different types of transmission by icon.