GXT3, 700VA-3000VA


Liebert GXT3 5 kVA to 10 kVA uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems provide true on-line protection in the smallest cabinets in their capacity range. These data center power systems offer internal batteries, unlimited extended external batteries, and internal bypass capability, resulting in continuous uptime for the connected equipment. Multiple data center power output configurations allow quick connection of protected loads.

Designed for rack-mount or tower modes, the Liebert GXT3 uninterruptible power system is available in 5kVA and 6kVA, 4U models; and 8kVA and 10kVA, 6U models. All models are available with output of 120/208V. Please note that the internal batteries for the Liebert GXT3 5kVa to 10kVA UPS must be ordered separately, and will ship separately. Depending upon the model you select, there may also be a separate POD required.

Up To Six Battery-Backed Outlets
A generous quantity of battery-backed
outlets allows more equipment to be
protected by the UPS.
Rotatable Display Panel
The LED display panel rotates 90° to make
the readout of the LED display easy to see in
rack or tower position.
Automatic Frequency Sensing
The UPS automatically adjusts to the input
frequency, 50Hz or 60Hz.
Mounting Flexibility
Optional telescoping rack rails mount to the
sides of the UPS for easy installation into a
rack enclosure. A standard tower support
base ships with the UPS.

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Product Description

Liebert GXT3 is a true on-line power source, so whatever the quality of
power coming in, the pure sinewave output meets the exacting standards of
your equipment.

Liebert GXT3 includes:

  • Power factor correction
  • Internal batteries
  • Frequency conversion
  • Internal automatic bypass to utility in case of adverse UPS conditions
  • Manual bypass capability
  • Support for up to four external battery cabinets (rack/tower models)

Liebert GXT3 handles all these potential power problems:

  • Power spikes and transients
  • EMI/RFI noise
  • Voltage sags and brownout conditions
  • Harmonics
  • Power-factor corrected loads

Frequency variations


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