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VHF (136 – 174 MHz)

UHF (400 – 470 MHz, 450 – 520 MHz)

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Product Description

Basic LTR™/Conventional mode operation

Both conventional and LTR™ mode channels are programmable in a radio. MDC

signaling is also available on LTR™ mode.

IP55 Dust-protection and water jet resistance

The IC-F3163 series meets IP55 requirements for dust-protection and water jet resistance.

Its durable construction is backed up by the aluminum die-cast

chassis and polycarbonate casing, allowing reliable operation under harsh weather and environmental conditions.

Lithium-Ion battery pack

Supplied 2000mAh Li-Ion battery pack, BP232N, provides 14 hours* of operating

time. The optional battery case BP-240 provides a convenient back up and great

reassurance in an emergency.

* Typical operation Tx:Rx:Stand-by=5:5:90, power save on Most popular signalings built-in

The built-in 2-Tone and 5-Tone capabilities allow you to send a tone code with

your call and decode multiple tone code on a channel. 40 pairs of CTCSS/DTCS

memory channels are also available.

MDC 1200 Compatible

The following selective calling and ANI features are available with the built-in

MDC signaling.

• PTT ID • SelCall • Radio check • Radio stun/revive • 500 Aliases

• Status message/request • Call alert • Emergency, emergency mic monitoring

BIIS 1200 compatible

The following selective calling and data features are available with the built-in BIIS


• 32 abbreviated call memories • 7 group IDs • 24-status Messages • Send 12-character SDM (Short Data Message) • Receive up to 95 characters of free text • GPS position reporting function with

optional HM-170GP

Wide frequency range

The IC-F3163 series covers a wide frequency range in one version (VHF 136–174

MHz, UHF 400–470MHz or 450–520 MHz).

Voting mode scanning

The Voting mode scanning detects the Smeter level of repeater stations and automatically

selects the strongest station, useful for roaming between 2 or more repeater

sites. Once you program the voting mode to a memory zone, you can

easily start voting mode operation by changing the zone setting.

Enhanced audio

The IC-F3163 series employs a BTL amplifier that increases the audio output and

the built-in audio compander provides clear, low noise communications.

Built-in inversion-type voice scrambler

The built-in inversion type voice scrambler* provides secure conversation as standard.

When a more secure system is required, optional voice scrambler UT-109R or UT110R

are available.

* Inversion type voice scrambler is not compatible with UT-109R/UT-110R voice scrambler.

Other features

• 512 memory channel with 128 zones

• 8 DTMF autodial memories

• 2 step reduced power setting

• Busy, repeater lockout functions

• Lone worker function

• Escalating alarm

• Mode dependent scan

• Surveillance function temporarily turns

off the LED backlight and beep sound

• Powerful 5W output both VHF and UHF

• Power on password and more…



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