LTR® /conventional multi mode operation
Included Accessories: BP232WP Li-Ion Battery 7.4/2300mAh, Antenna & Belt-Clip
MB94. (Battery Charger to be Ordered Separately as required)

• Frequency range:
• Integrated GPS
• 6.25 KHz IDAS ready
• Waterproof construction (IP67)
• Enhanced Rx audio (BTL amplifier)
• IP67 dust projection and splash, water jet resistance
• Full dot-matrix LCD display
• VHF output power 5 Watts
• 512 channels (12 character alpha tagging) / 128 zones
• Wide / narrow channel spacing (programmable)
• Built-in CTCSS / DTCS, 5 Tone & BIIS signalling
• Built-in inversion type voice scrambler,
(compatible with IC-F43G series)
• Easy to read LCD display
• Built-in voting function
• Built-in basic LTR function
• 2 year warranty

Product Description

IDAS™ Features
The IC-F3263D series provides NXDN™ CAIbased
IDAS digital mode operation. It is also
compatible with NXDN™ Type-D multi-site
trunking. The following IDAS features are programmable.
• Individual/group call
• Individual ID and talkgroup ID memories
• Status message • SDM (Short Data Message)
• GPS • Stun, kill and revive
• Radio check • Remote monitor
• Call alert • Call log
• Emergency • Digital voice scrambler
• Block decode • RAN (Radio Access Number)
Built-in 2-Tone and 5-Tone*
2-Tone and 5-Tone signalings give you selective
calling, quiet stand-by and other
convenient functions. The radio stun and kill
functions disable a radio over the air and the
revive function restores the stunned radio.
MDC 1200 Compatible*
The built-in MDC signaling provides the following
selective calling and ANI features.
• PTT ID • SelCall • Radio check
• Radio stun/revive • 500 aliases
• Status message/request • Call alert
• Emergency, emergency mic monitoring
Scan Features
The IC-F3263D series can detect both analogue
and IDAS conventional signals and
automatically selects the transmission mode
to reply to the received call.
Built-in Voice Scrambler
The built-in inversion voice scrambler*
provides secure conversation in analogue
mode. When using IDAS digital mode, the
digital voice scrambler provides a 15-bit key
(about 32,000 codes) as standard.
* Inversion voice scrambler is not compatible
with UT-109R/UT-110R voice scrambler.
IDASTM : Improved, Enhanced & More Versatile
(Full keypad)
(Simple keypad)


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