IDAS bridges the gap between analog and digital systems
IDAS is Icom’s digital land mobile radio system using the NXDN™ common air interface. It has
useful calling features including selective calling, status message, radio stun/kill/revive and GPS
position reporting, etc. The IDAS system is ideal for business and industry users who may want
to migrate to a digital system or to the future FCC mandated narrow band spacing.

• 50 Watt 50% duty cycle operation
• 19” rack mount 2 unit high
• In-built IDAS digital capability
• Extra repeater channels UR-FR5000/6000
• In-built multiple tone signalling (2 Tone, 5 Tone & DTMF)
• 32 Memory channels with in-built CTCSS/DTCS encoder / decoder, 16 tones per
channel for shared channel / community repeater operation
• 2 year warranty

LMR_IC-FR5000_FR6000 Brochure

Product Description

Double your channel capacity
IDAS doubles the capacity of the current
12.5kHz channel allocation. Icom allows you
to meet any narrow banding requirements
today, and provides a solution to any future
spectrum deficiencies.
Digital/analog mixed mode operation
The IC-FR5000 series can receive both
analog and digital signals on a single channel.
You can partially introduce the IDAS
system, while using the existing analog radios
in a system. The IDAS system allows
you to scale migration to narrow band digital
at your own pace and need.
Improved audio quality
The IDAS system occupies only 6.25kHz
spacing per channel. With the improved
sensitivity of narrow band communications,
increased communication greater than
12.5kHz analog mode can be achieved.
The IDAS system uses the AMBE+2™
codec, which provides clear audio and simultaneous
data communication.
Network interface*1
The IDAS repeater has a network interface*
and can be connected to a LAN or
the Internet via Ethernet cable. Communication
range is vastly extended by the Internet
connection and eliminates the need
for expensive leased lines. When connected
to a PC via a LAN or the Internet,
you can remotely maintain the repeater
configuration remotely from your PC.
* Option (Available in the future)
Digital trunking capability*1
The repeater will also have digital trunking
capability in the near future. This will allow
you further effective channel management
by sharing a minimum of channels with a
large number of users.


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