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The TM8110 and TM8115 are robust, software-fl exible radios which
are ideal for a wide range of voice and data applications. The TM8110
comes with 10 conventional channels and one-digit display. The
TM8115 comes with 100 conventional channels and two-digit display.
Intuitive interface
• Easy-to-read display for fast channel selection
• Four programmable function keys
• Heavy duty microphone and built-in loudspeaker
Flexible communications
• Data capable – supports 1200/2400 baud FFSK as standard
• Internal high speed data modem (12 kbps on NB channels/19.2
kbps on WB channels) – software option
• Type 99 (2-tone) decode
• Four RF power levels
• Full Selcall functionality
• DTMF encoder
• Low stand-by power consumption
• MDC 1200 Encode – software option
Advanced system integration capabilities
• Multiple auxiliary ports
• Expansive internal options area
• Direct Connect GPS

Product Description

Engineered to be tough
The TM8110 and TM8115 exceeds
stringent reliability specifi cations,
including MIL-STD 810 C, D, E, F and IP54.
Software feature upgrades
The Software Feature Enabler (SFE)
allows users to upgrade with additional
functionality at any stage by simply
purchasing the appropriate software
license key.
Improved data integrity
The application of Digital Signal
Processor (DSP) technology optimizes
RF performance and ensures fast and
reliable data processing.
Ease of integration
The system integrator has maximum
design fl exibility with multiple ports
for auxiliary connectors and a large
options board area. The comprehensive
third party developer’s kit provides
integrators with hardware and software
tools to facilitate customization.
AVL support
The TM8110/TM8115 support a standard
polling vehicle location format and a
direct connect port for an external GPS
receiver – allowing for the development
of a complete AVL solution.


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