The TP9135/40 – tough, reliable, interoperable

Key features:

  • Ease of operation: the user interface is identical across all the Tait P25 portables, mobiles and hand-held control heads
  • Tested beyond MIL-STD-810C, D, E and F
  • Supports individual, group, broadcast and emergency calls
  • Programmable power settings and intelligent batteries
  • Man Down and Lone Worker for worker safety
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Product Description

Tait Tough radio
Reliable and durable TP9135/TP9140
portable radios have been built to
withstand the accidental knocks and
the extremes of nature.
Dual shot molding provides builtin
shock absorption, while a
unique and patented battery clasp
mechanism eliminates threat of the
battery dislodging when the radio is
Interoperability assured
Genuine open standards ensure
choice, value and responsiveness
during routine operations or crises.
Digital audio clarity
Crystal clear digital audio allows
precise communication even in
noisy situations.
Analog operation for phased
transition to P25 digital
Protect your current analog
investment and migrate to P25 at
your own pace.
Analog mode allows communication
between various partner agencies
signaling options including MDC1200
encode/decode and
Two Tone decode.*
*A separately enabled option.
Tailored functionality
This radio will provide the essential
network performance required by
Public Safety users. For more
advanced functionality users should
consider investing in the TP9155/60
for long term flexibility.



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