RediTALK Air EmailAdding Mobility to Dispatch

RediTALK Air provides added mobility to dispatch operations – extending radio networks beyond the dispatch station and into other areas of the office, even for use by managers and supervisors.

RediTALK Air has been designed for simple, single talk group/channel operation on Windows 8 tablets. RediTALK Air includes enhanced touch screen features and a range of digital functions.



  • Small Digital Radio Networks
  • Mobility in Dispatch Centres
  • Extending Radio Network Access to Managers & Supervisors
  • Supplementary to RediTALK or DX-Altus Networks
  • Redundancy for other consoles


  • Simple Touch Screen Operation
  • Connects to Analog, Digital Conventional or Digital Trunked Networks
  • Talk Group or Channel Change
  • Individual Calls
  • Group Calls
  • Text Messaging
  • Status Messaging
  • Integrated Contacts List
  • Audio Controls
  • Choice of Screen Layouts and Colors