Why Choose Karera?

Karera prides itself on following a task through from start to finish and working with the client until the required outcome is achieved.

Karera understands the onsite pressure to interface equipment and the need for immediate support. All systems are documented and recorded in a Master Record Index and staff work with clients to ensure that networks are able to be brought back on line quickly and efficiently.

Karera bench marks its performances on the following values:

Solutions Provider – Karera is dedicated to understanding your organisation’s needs and delivering a solution that fits your requirements.

Quality – Quality control is highly important at Karera. We control the design and manufacturing processes in-house in order to meet our high standards.

Integrity – We conduct business with sincerity and precision. We are trusted by users within the sectors of emergency services / public safety, mining, utilities, transport and defence.

Reliability – To successfully provide mission critical systems, our people understand that poor reliability adversely affects our reputation and high reliability is key to your success.

Excellence – We have proven success with more than 27 years of communications experience and have thousands of satisfied clients.

Innovation – Our team is dedicated to the latest technological advancements and understands how these can improve our customer’s operations. In addition, Karera can provide customised solutions to suit specific requirements.